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Intention of Fasting Monday Thursday and Benefits, Complete with Arabic, Latin, and the Meaning

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following are the intentions of the Monday Thursday fasting which were made for Muslims.

The fasting Monday and Thursday is highly recommended by Rasulullah SAW because it has extraordinary virtues.

Many values ​​are contained in the completion of the fast on Monday and Thursday.

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Here’s the intention of Fasting Monday Thursday, that is Tribunnews.com quote from Complete Smart Book Guide to Muslim Worship by Muhammad Syukron Maksum:

Intention of Fasting Monday

نَوَيْتُ صَوْمَ يَوْمَ اْلاِثْنَيْنِ سُنَّةً ِللهِ تَعَالَى

Nawaitu Sauma yaumal itsnaini sunnatan lillahi taa’ala


“I intend to fast on Monday, sunnah because Allah Ta’ala.”

Intentions of Fasting Thursday