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Ingredients and Benefits of Peaches

NUSANTARANEWS.CO – Peaches have been grown in China since the 5th century BC. Very popular in Chinese society as well as apples in western countries. Peaches or also called peaches are still widely planted on doorsteps, because they are believed to ward off evil spirits. Many are referred to in Chinese mythology, legends, and poetry as the fruit of gods.

In Indonesia, peaches are no less popular than other fruits. It tastes good and soft fleshy, and has a high nutritional content. Peaches are a rich source of calcium, fiber, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamins and folic acid. This fruit also contains large amounts of vitamins A, K, C and E. Because of its content, peaches are believed to increase the response of the central nervous system. This fruit is low in calories, so it is very suitable for consumption for people who are running a diet program.

Furthermore, peaches contain lots of antioxidants, especially chlorogenic acid which makes them healthier. This type of antioxidant is mostly concentrated in the skin and flesh of peaches. Well, this substance can protect the body from diseases such as cancer and other chronic problems. Chlorogenic acid also reduces body inflammation and controls the aging process.

Based on the results of laboratory tests, peaches can eradicate breast cancer cells. The testing involved several breast cancer sufferers and was given peach and plum extracts. Respondent cancer cells can be reduced and return to normal. Not only high in phenolic compounds, peaches can also strengthen the immune system.

Peaches are also very rich in beta-carotene. The content of this compound is an insomer of carotene, which converts it into vitamin A which is very useful for eye health. In addition, the content of beta-carotene helps the healing process of disorders that occur in the eye. Lutein and zeaxanthin filters, which are also contained in peaches, provide protection for your eyes from the hot sun.

Peaches are a fruit that has a high vitamin C content, almost the same as oranges, even greater. Vitamin C in peaches is an essential ingredient for healthy skin and brain. Apart from health benefits, peaches are also known as a natural beauty product. In fact, the vitamin content in peaches can reduce the formation of fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.

Editor: Romandhon