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How to Choose the Right Toothpaste Page all

KOMPAS.com – Some people may feel confused when they want to buy toothpaste. This is not surprising given the number of toothpaste variants.

Not to mention that each variant claims to have different advantages.

Starting from protecting cavities, preventing inflammation of the gums, plaque, and tartar, to whitening teeth.

There are also toothpaste brands aimed at sensitive teeth and freshen your breath.

For those who are still confused about determining the right toothpaste, dentist Nathan Janowicz, DMD shares some tips.

“For the best protection, choose a toothpaste with a content of at least 1,000 parts per million (ppm) of fluoride and a stamp of approval from the American Dental Association,” he said.

Janowicz added, another consideration for choosing toothpaste depends on personal preferences.

For example how well toothpaste cleans teeth and gives fresh breath.

For a toothpaste that offers teeth whitening benefits, Janowicz says it just might work.

“But most toothpastes don’t have enough whitening ingredients to give you noticeable results in the short term,” he says.

In addition, in the long run, whitening toothpaste can make teeth more sensitive.

For sensitive teeth owners, Janowicz said there are several toothpaste options. There is sensitive toothpaste over-the-counter (OTC) which is more affordable or based on a dentist’s prescription.

“OTC sensitive toothpaste has proven to work really well and can be used for starters. But if nothing changes, it’s better to ask a doctor’s prescription, “said Janowicz.

Meanwhile, some toothpaste brands also offer aloe vera.

According to Janowicz, there is some evidence to suggest aloe vera helps reduce or better fight plaque and gingivitis.

But unfortunately, some brands are deficient in fluoride. Though it is an important component of toothpaste.

Recently, toothpaste with charcoal or charcoal has become popular. But according to Janowicz this product should be avoided.

The reason is because charcoal is abrasive and there is not enough evidence to show the benefits of using toothpaste with charcoal content.

“Charcoal can actually damage tooth enamel and in the long run can increase the risk of sensitive teeth,” said Janowicz.

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