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Himalayan Pink Salt Does Not Have Any Special Benefits

The pink color comes from the mineral content in the crystals.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Many people say that pink salt has better health benefits than regular salt. Himalayan pink salt comes from salt crystals that are mined in Pakistan in the area near the Himalayas.

The pink color comes from the mineral content in the crystals, namely magnesium, potassium and calcium. Pink salt is generally used as a spa therapy because it is believed to be able to detoxify the body. Apart from that, the pink salt lumps are also sold in the form of lamps.

As a lamp, pink salt is said to relieve symptoms seasonal affective disorder (SAD), increases energy, and cleans the air so as to improve sleep quality. So far, pink salt is believed to be able to absorb water molecules in the air and spread negative ions. Negative ions are said to be able to improve mood and respiratory tract.

“Sellers of pink salt are touting properties that are claimed to improve physical and emotional health,” said Andy Weil, founder and director of The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Time.

However, Weil denied these claims. There isn’t a single study that has validly stated that pink salt lamps can release negative ions.

“There is no scientific study on that,” Weil said.

Even air purifiers that claim their product to produce negative ions and are therefore called ‘ionizers’ are not entirely to be trusted. Precisely in January 2017, 80,000 pink salt lamps were withdrawn from circulation because they could start fires and make people turn in shock.

Source: Time

As a consumption ingredient, pink salt is said to give food a better taste than regular salt and is healthier. But again that’s not 100 percent true.

“All salt varies in taste depending on the mineral content,” he said.

However, pink salt is no more special for its health benefits. According to Weil, regular salt is just as healthy as pink salt. The only difference is the pink salt looks prettier and costs more.

Using pink salt for spa therapy is another mistake. Until now, claims of the benefits of pink salt spa therapy are not supported by scientific research results.

“Salt therapy has been applied for many years and is a matter of debate. But it’s more about alternative or complementary drugs,” said Lily Pien, an allergist at the Cleveland Clinic.

If you want your body to be more relaxed, you don’t have to bother doing a salt spa. It is enough to be quiet and relax for 30 to 45 minutes, then the body’s stress will be reduced.

If you still want to use pink salt, that’s fine. However, keep in mind that there are no special benefits that will be obtained from using pink salt.