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Here's How to Choose Salmon for BBQ Serving


Want to serve salmon for BBQ? You can buy it at the market or supermarket. The important thing is to pay attention to how to choose salmon in order to get the best.

Salmon is a fish with a soft texture and delicious taste. To serve salmon must go through several stages. Starting from choosing the right salmon to salmon cooking techniques that must be careful.

Not just to maintain its rich texture and taste. But choosing and cooking the right salmon cooking techniques will help maintain the nutrients in it so as not to lose the benefits that can be obtained by the body.

Choosing salmon can be trickier when it comes to buying salmon fillets. Not in the form of a whole fish that can be seen physically. Meat color, fiber, fat and many other details that must be considered.

The quality of the salmon will determine the resulting dish. Quoting from Mashed (28/12), there are several steps that must be considered when choosing salmon in supermarkets.

Types and Prices

Here's How to Choose Salmon for BBQ ServingHere’s How to Choose Salmon for BBQ Serving Photo: iStock

The most important elements in choosing a type of salmon are the size, color and oil content of the meat. Broadly speaking, the types of salmon can be divided into 3 types, namely king salmon, chum salmon, and pink salmon.

King salmon has the largest size, the color of the flesh is pinkest and contains the highest oil. The pair of chum salmon and pink salmon is the smallest, palest salmon variety and the lowest oil content.

In addition to the common types of salmon, there are sockeye or red salmon, coho or silver salmon, and Atlantic salmon. If sorted by price, king salmon is the most expensive while chum and pink salmon are usually cheaper and marketed in canned form.

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King salmon usually sells for around Rp. 353 thousand for half a kilogram. Meanwhile, sockeye salmon is usually sold at a slightly cheaper price, ranging from Rp. 212 thousand – 282 thousand for half a kilogram. There is also Atlantic salmon which sells for Rp. 141 thousand – Rp. 212 thousand for the size of half a kilogram.

Place of Origin

Here's How to Choose Salmon for BBQ ServingHere’s How to Choose Salmon for BBQ Serving Photo: iStock

Salmon that is in the store or the fish section of the supermarket will usually be divided into Alaskan salmon and Salmon Pacific. This information indicates the origin of the salmon being caught or farmed.

Then the thing that must be considered next is the environment in which the salmon live. This information will be in the form of illegal fishing or trap catching.

Wild caught indicates salmon that is caught from an uncontrolled environment or is completely wild. Meanwhile, line-caught / troll-caught indicates that salmon is caught the traditional way using fishing nets and hooks.

Differences in the environmental conditions of salmon and fishing methods will not only affect the price of salmon in the market. But also optimal nutrition and monounsaturated fat content in the salmon varieties produced.

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