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Have you ever heard of 'Himalayan Pink Salt'? The beautiful colored salt with a myriad of benefits

Wow, how come the colored salt can be this cute?

As the name suggests, himalayan pink salt does have an attractive color, namely pink. This type of salt is not obtained from seawater processing as we generally know. Himayalan pink salt obtained from the Khewra salt mine located in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The Khewra salt mines are at the foot of the Himalayas. Therefore, the type of salt mined there is given an appendage himalayan.

Later, himalayan pink salt widely used for various things. The following Hipwee summarizes some of the uses of this beautiful salt that is on the rise.

1. Himalayan pink salt can be used to replace regular table salt

Himalayan pink salt as an alternative to flavoring dishes via www.etsy.com

Although both of them can give a salty taste to dishes, the mineral content in them himalayan pink salt does not decrease. Other than that, himalayan pink salt There is also a very small risk of containing additives or preservatives because they do not go through the same processing as table salt. Inside ordinary table salt, substance anticaking added to prevent clumping. So, for those of you who want to reduce the use of additives, himalayan pink salt it’s worth trying!

2. Not only serves as a food flavoring, himalayan pink salt also can be used as a base for cooking

As a cooking mat, himalayan pink salt gives a unique sensation to the taste of cuisine via www.cabelas.com

Salt crystals are large or known as himalayan pink salt block can be used as a base for cooking food. Generally, food ingredients that can be cooked using this method are meat or fish that will be grilled.

Advantages himalayan pink salt as a cooking base is its ability to spread heat evenly. So, you don’t need to worry about your cooking being burnt because the heat from the fire will spread properly. Other than that, a pink salt fiction will provide a different taste sensation than using regular table salt. The nature of the salt crystals, which is difficult to absorb water, also makes cooking less salty!

3. Himalayan pink salt helps the detoxification process in the body

Add himalayan pink salt when soaking in warm water benefits for health via theartofunity.com

To help remove toxins in the body, himalayan pink salt can be an option. The trick is to soak in warm water that has been mixed himalayan pink salt. In addition to relaxing our tense muscles after being tired of activities, adding this salt can help flush out toxins in the body.

4. Coupled with various other natural ingredients, himalayan pink salt can be used as DIY scrub too!

Himalayan pink salt can be mixed with various mineral oil or honey for ingredients scrub via www.praniglowdayspa.com.au

For those of you who feel dull and dry, you can try it scrubbing wear himalayan pink salt. Himalayan pink salt be the abrasive needed in the process scrubbing. The mineral content in salt provides the additional nutrients needed to keep skin smooth and radiant.

Just mix it up himalayan pink salt with various natural ingredients such as honey, olive oil, or oil peppermint, you can rub the ingredients scrub to the skin of the body and face in a circular motion.

Himalayan pink salt turns out to have unique benefits, guys! The salt crystals turned out to be used as a material for making lamps

Not only to decorate the room, himalayan salt lamp also has an impact on health via www.himalayansaltshop.com

Lately, many sell lamps with basic materials himalayan pink salt, which are often referred to by name himalayan pink salt lamp. In addition to the beautiful shapes and colors that can decorate the room, it turns out that this unique lamp is considered to provide health benefits, you know! Himalayan pink salt believed to release negative ion which can repair mood and also concentration. This can also have an impact on improving sleep quality.

How? So curious about wanting to buy himalayan pink salt?