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Halal skincare with natural ingredients of peaches

Fimela.com, Jakarta Peaches or peaches are known to have various health benefits. Starting from moisturizing the skin, removing dead skin cells because it contains vitamin C, to anti-aging because it has anti-oxidants. No wonder this fruit is often used in products skincare.

Peaches are also suitable for skin faces of Indonesian women, because it makes the skin feel comfortable even in hot weather. Then how do you use these peaches on facial skin? No need to worry, because Momohime, a brand skincare Japanese origin uses peaches as ingredient-his.

According to Mariya Kobayashi, Founder of Momohine, said peach juice, peach leaf extract, peach seeds are used for Momohime’s natural ingredients.

“Peaches have a moisturizing content so they are good for brightening facial skin. We use all parts of the peach,” he said in a press release received. Fimela.com, Monday (21/10/2019).

Apart from peaches, Mariya also said series skincare Momohime uses natural ingredients such as cherry blossoms and orange peels. And free of alcohol, mineral oil, oil surfactants, fan colorants.