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Getting to know Burdock, the Tuber Slim has many Benefits - TOTAL FRESH FRUIT

For those of you who love tubers, you may be familiar with one of these types of tubers. Burdock the slender tuber which has a Latin name Arctium lappa it has a taste that tends to be sweet and has a “crunchy” texture. This tuber is known as “Gobo” in Japan “Niubang” in China, “Bardana” in Italy, “Bardane” in France, and also “Dollenkraut” in Germany and in Indonesia the fee is called “Niupang”. Once grown, the burdock plant can reach 0.5-1.2 meters and a life span of 4 years, with heart-shaped leaves and flowers sticking out between the purple petiole.

Do you believe that a root can help cleanse toxins in the body? Of course this is very interesting because it could be that the burdock root type is the right choice of herbs to maintain a healthy body. Although not everyone is familiar with burdock root, lately many have started looking for burdock root. A study proves that burdock root is a type of root that can help cleanse the blood in the body and keep the effects of inflammation that can cause diseases such as infections and cancer. The content of several types of acids such as luteolin, quercetin, phenolic acids and several other compounds are very effective because they are a source of natural antioxidants. The following is evidence that there is a benefit of burdock root to cleanse the blood and prevent diseases that you can feel yourself.

1. Cleaning toxins in the blood

The first evidence that burdock root can indeed cleanse toxins in the blood is very accurate. Burdock root is one of the ingredients that can get rid of all the metals that enter the body. We may never realize when some of these harmful metals enter the body. But you can get it from food, the environment and even the use of cosmetic products and chemical drugs. Burdock root will work to destroy all of these metals and attempt to restore the purity of the blood including to the body’s natural pH level.

2. Get rid of all the toxins in the kidneys

Burdock root can also help get rid of all the toxins in our kidneys. This root helps eliminate toxins by absorbing all the fluids and toxins from the kidneys, then they can enter the secretory tract and leave the body into urine. Water consumption can increase well so this can also help prevent dehydration. However, for people who already suffer from kidney disorders, burdock root is not effective, because it can increase the need for dangerous fluids for the kidneys to work.

3. Improve the function of the lymphatic system in the body

Burdock root is found to be very effective in helping improve lymphatic function in the body. Why do we need a strong lymphatic system? Actually our body has a fluid processing system until it is absorbed by the body. The tissue in the collapsed blood vessels helps carry fluids to the body parts and also makes use of the lymph nodes. Then the burdock root will function to clean toxins in the lymph nodes and blood vessels. Of course this is also very good for helping lymph function in the body to be healthier.

4. Prevent cancer and eliminate cancer cell growth

Burdock root has become a special herbal supplement or ingredient to treat several types of cancer. Among them include skin cancer, cancer that attacks the kidneys, liver and lymph. Burdock root contains several natural, cancer-fighting ingredients such as quercetin and phenolic acids. Then the arctic substance in burdock root can also fight cancer with the effect of eradicating small abnormal cells that can potentially damage healthy body cells.

And in fact there are many other benefits of burdock root herbs, including preventing the increase in blood sugar in diabetics, preventing bone calcification for elderly women, fighting tonsillitis and fighting lymph organ swelling. However, using burdock root herbs can also cause side effects if overused.

Those are some of the fun facts from Burdock (Niupang), thus this article reviews about burdock. Hopefully with this information we will all have a broader insight into the useful fresh fruits and vegetables that exist in Indonesia. Look forward to other interesting reviews about fresh vegetables and fruits, info and other health tips only at totalbuah.id

Pics: ayurtimes.com

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