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Get to know the benefits and properties of peaches

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

This time, Caraka will share information about the artist’s fruit family.

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Peach (Prunus persica) or is a plant fruiting plant from the family Rosaceae. This fruit is also known as fruit momo in Japanese. The peach has yellow flesh with a fragrant aroma and has one hard seed.

The peach was first popularized by Chinese citizens. According to their ancient belief, peaches are a symbol of friendship and eternal life. Apart from this belief, it turns out that peaches contain dozens of health benefits.

The fruit menSo it’s a favorite topping for frozen yogurt and various desserts, but it’s not just delicious on the tongue. But, peach (Prunus presica) aka this peach, has many benefits for our health.

Starting from skin health, digestion, to be a good ‘friend’ for those of us who are dieting. Let’s say, healthy facts about this fruit which is still related to apricots.

This fruit, which is found in mainland China, is rich in vitamin C, which is very useful for maintaining our body’s immune system. So, if you have a lot of activities and feel unfit, consume enough peaches.

Althougheven soft texture, this peach is rich in fiber, you know. Hence, it is very fitting to help the digestive organs work. Especially for those who are on a diet program.

The fruit, whose season is from May to October, contains minerals such as iron and potassium. Iron is useful for smoothing the body’s metabolic processes.

Meanwhile, potassium is believed to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and as an important component for our muscle strength.

Para pen Researchers found this fruit is included in a low-carbohydrate snack. Because peach has a lot of water content. Each fruit only contains about 60 calories.

Like apples and plums, peach skin is the most nutritious part of the fruit. The reason is, this section contains the richest concentrations of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



Peaches are a great snack to eat if you want to lose weight. Because this fruit is low in calories and contains no fat.


The content of antioxidant compounds in peaches is effective in fighting diseases that are triggered by obesity, for example cardiovascular disease.


Eating peaches makes your skin healthier because they contain vitamins A and C which are natural moisturizers from within.


Peaches are also beneficial in reducing the amount of hair loss because they are able to nourish the scalp.


If you are anxious or stressed, don’t hesitate to eat peaches. Because this fruit is known as the ‘Calming Fruit’ in Hungary.


A compound called selenium in peaches is an anti-cancer agent.


Peaches are able to get rid of disease-causing worms that are in the intestines.


Peaches also have a diuretic effect that helps the body clean the kidneys and bladder.


You can relieve stomach discomfort by eating peaches.


A component in peach seeds that fights metabolic syndrome.


For people with rheumatism, eating peaches is recommended by experts to relieve pain.


Peaches are said to be one of the foods that can increase sexual arousal.


Peach blossoms can be consumed by boiling them with honey. The boiled water is then enjoyed to soothe a tired body.


Peaches are anti-microbial and rich in antioxidants that inhibit tumor growth.


Acute bronchitis, and coughs can be relieved by boiling the leaves of a peach tree and consumed with tea.


Peach tea is commonly used as a kidney cleanser in China.


Rich in vitamin A, making peaches is believed to prevent cancer and is really good for our eyesight.

So, hopefully this is useful for you.

Thank you for reading the Caraka article, constructive criticism and suggestions are welcome.

Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.