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Four Benefits of Taro for Body Health

PRFMNEWS – Taro is a tuber plant that has wide leaves.

Taro has a characteristic white flesh and one of the processing is by steaming it and served warm.

Or now taro is used as a snack in the form of chips that are no less delicious. For those of you who regularly consume processed taro, the following benefits you get

Control blood sugar
Blood sugar disease is a disease that is no less frightening. Taro is a starchy plant that has 2 types of carbohydrates that are very good for controlling blood sugar, namely fiber and resistant starch.

Fiber is a carbohydrate that is difficult to digest but has no impact on blood sugar.

This can help slow down digestion, absorption of other carbohydrates, and prevent high blood sugar spikes after meals.

There is 12% resistant starch in taro which is one of the starches that is difficult to digest but does not affect the increase or decrease in blood sugar levels.

Reducing weight
as described above that taro contains fiber and resistant starch which are equally difficult to digest in digestion. In addition to controlling blood sugar, it can actually help reduce weight.

A study found that men who took a supplement containing 24 grams of resistant starch before eating had about 6% fewer calories and had lower insulin levels after eating.