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Fasting schedule for Ayyamul Bidh in December 2020, the benefits and practices are extraordinary!

FIX INDONESIA – The Ayyamul Bidh fast is fasting that is done on the 13,14 and 15 of each month on the Hijri calendar. This fast has extraordinary benefits and practices.

Apart from compulsory worship, one of the practices that Muslims can do is fasting the sunnah. Sunnah fasting that can be done every month is Monday-Thursday and Ayyamul Bidh.

According to Ustadz Khalid Basalama, he revealed that doing the Ayyamul Bidh fast is equivalent to fasting a full year.

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“Fasting 3 days every month, the reward is the same as fasting a full year,” he said in the latest Islam Youtube channel.

Fasting sunnah can increase piety and increase merit. In addition, in scientific studies, people who fast at least 2 times a week can make the body healthier.

Ustadz Abdul Somad (UAS) also revealed that on that date the circulation of the moon and sun had an effect on the tides of sea water, it also affected the humidity of the human body.

“Then reduce eating and drinking (in order) to be medically healthy, then good fasting on 13,14,15,” said UAS as quoted by Fix Indonesia from Youtube channel Ahmad Habibullah channel.