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Fake Honey, Here's How It's Made

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The East Jakarta Metro Police arrested two fake honey makers in Kampung Pulo, East Jakarta. East Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Umar Farouq said that making fake honey is fairly easy. “The material is easy to get and the steps to make it simple,” said Umar when met at the East Jakarta Police, Thursday, June 11, 2015.

Based on the suspect’s confession, Umar said that most of the ingredients in fake honey were sugar. The first step, the actors cook sugar. Sugar cooked until brown. After that, cool the sugar stew.

Then the perpetrator prepares an empty honey bottle to be filled with sugar solution. Before being labeled, the solution is added with baking soda to make it foamy and look like real honey. One bottle of honey is ready to be labeled Super Wild Bee Honey.

Apart from chocolate honey, the perpetrators also made white honey and black honey. For a convincing white color, mix the cooked sugar solution with bleach. Then, put the solution in a honey jar and add baking soda to make it foamy. The honey bottle is ready to be labeled with the Malivera White Honey brand.

The perpetrator must wait for the sugar solution to be cooked until it turns black to get a solution similar to real black honey. The solution is then cooled and put in a honey bottle. Before being labeled, the solution is given baking soda to make it foamy.

Umar said that consumption of fake honey in the long term can lead to diabetes (diabetes) for consumers. In addition, the police are still investigating the bleach content used. If the bleach comes from bleaching clothes, the bad effects of digestion are the consequences that must be borne by consumers.

Umar regretted this incident, especially before the month of Ramadan. The reason is that many people buy honey to increase stamina and maintain energy when fasting for one full day. “Instead of getting healthy, it’s actually diabetes,” he said.