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Emotional Quotient Has Great Benefits in Life

KAS UMM discussed emotional intelligence to achieve success.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MALANG – Lecture on Sunday (KAS) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held this weekly agenda online on Sunday (27/12). The activity, which presented a psychology lecturer, Diah Karmiyati, discussed the importance of emotional intelligence for success.

Diah said, several intelligences play a role in one’s success. One of them is related emotional quotient (EQ). “The ability possessed by all humans in recognizing and processing their emotions,” said Diah in a press release, Monday (28/12).

If someone is able to manage their emotions, according to Diah, that person also tends to be able to recognize the situation around them. This condition makes him more sensitive and fosters a high sense of empathy. If this feeling appears, he continued, someone can have high motivation to do even better.

Diah said, several characteristics of people with high EQ. This can be seen from his daily behavior and attitude. In particular, the way he relaxed himself and adjusted to the existing conditions.

In addition, individuals are also better able to understand, influence and calm those around them. Diah also revealed that EQ has a role two times more than that intelligence quotient (IQ).

Diah provides the key to increasing EQ in everyday life, namely learning to interact with other people. Even though it sounds simple, he said, communicating and interacting is not as easy as imagined. He also encouraged youth and students to be involved in organizations or organizations.

“The communication that exists in the community will help us recognize and manage emotions,” explained Diah.

Diah reminded how EQ has great benefits in life. When a person has a high EQ, the communication he makes will be more appropriate. This in turn can reduce misunderstandings.

Research also shows that people with high EQ have better work results than others. That is what makes EQ must be given from an early age through social interactions. Unfortunately, many parents are overprotective, which prevents their children’s EQ from increasing.