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Efficacy and Benefits of Peaches to Treat Breast Cancer

A study AgriLife Research in the United States found that consuming peaches at least three times a day can help treat breast cancer. Benefits of peaches to treat breast cancer this was discovered because the natural ingredients in peaches can stop the spread of the disease. This was proven after experiments on mice.

“Cancer cells implanted under the skin of mice with aggressive breast cancer cells, MDA-MB-435, and what we’re seeing is inhibition of marker genes in the lungs after a few weeks. This shows inhibition of metastases when the mice consumed the extract peach, “said Dr. Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, a food scientist in Texas as launching dailymail, Thursday (27/3/2014).

After determining how many doses were sufficient to have these effects in mice, researchers calculated that the equivalent of three human peaches.

“Generally, peaches have chemical compounds that are responsible for killing cancer cells, while not affecting normal cells, we now see that a mixture of these compounds can inhibit metastasis, “he added.

Nutritionists Ian Marber said, although the preliminary findings from this study were encouraging, he urged people to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables for the best health results. “You have to eat whole fruit to get the full benefits, not just juice, to get the fiber. Variety is very important, but there is definitely no downside to eating three peaches a day,” he says.


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