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Drinking 5 cups of tea a day can improve the focus of the elderly

Suara.com – Too often drinking tea may be considered bad. However, research has found that drinking 5 cups of tea a day helps people over the age of 85 focus more.

Tea helps keep elderly attention and reactions sharp. In addition, psychomotor skills that connect the brain and movement are also good.

But, Dr. Edward Okello, from the University of Newcastle’s Center for Human Nutrition Research, couldn’t tell if it was due to regular tea drinking or other routines.

Dr. Edward added that talking while drinking tea is an important activity. The research team has also studied the tea drinking habits of people aged 85 years who are not in their own home.

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The research team gave participants several questions for the test. As a result, the tea drinkers showed better accuracy and reaction speed.

Illustration of drinking hot tea and cake or bread (Pixabay / pompi)
Illustration of drinking hot tea and cake or bread (Pixabay / pompi)

These skills also help with daily activities, such as driving, sewing, and completing jigsaws.

The researchers’ findings also show that black tea from camellia sinensis is also good for the elderly. Drinking black tea needs to be considered in their daily consumption.

“We now know that a cup of tea can relieve thirst and has the benefit of increasing focus in the elderly,” explained the researcher. The Sun.

Previous research has shown tea has health benefits including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and aiding weight loss.

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