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Don't Eradicate! 11 Types of Insects Beneficial to the Environment

types of insects

Of the millions of types of insects in the world, many of them have important functions to protect the environment. Here comes the list!

By knowing what these useful animal classifications are, you will better understand what types should not be eradicated.

Types of Insects that are Beneficial to the Environment

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1. Honey Bees (Apis)

honey bee

The mini, known for its characteristic black and yellow body color, turns out to be one of the most important species in the ecosystem.

Honey bee is one natural pollinator or biotic pollinators, which aid in the removal of plant pollen.

It is with the help of these bees that various kind of plant can reproduce well, and bloom produces beautiful flowers that you can see every day.

2. Praying Mantis (Mantodea)

As the name implies, the praying mantis has the unique characteristics of a prayer pose.

This type of insect is also widely known by the term mantis these, are often found in plantation and garden areas.

Don’t just catch it, because this praying mantis will actually help you get rid of small pests that interfere with plants.

3. Tortoise beetle (Coccinellidae)

tortoise beetle

Furthermore, there are types of insects that are no less popular than bees, namely the tortoise beetle or ladybug.

It looks very iconic with a body color of red, orange, or yellow, with a pattern of black dots on it.

Ladybug like to eat various types of small pests, which can be destructive decorative plants your favorite.

4. Butterfly (Rhopalocera)

If the next beautiful type of insect doesn’t need much introduction.

Butterflies not only have a charming appearance, but also have a function similar to bees, namely as biotic pollinators in the ecosystem.

5. Lacewing (Neuroptera)

Lacewing (Neuroptera)

Lacewing also no less useful to help protect plants from harmful pests.

Classification of insects which fall into the order Neuroptera You can recognize this easily, namely from the transparent appearance of the wings.

6. Dragonflies (Anisoptera)

Not only were they used as inspiration for making the helicopter propeller model that we know today, dragonflies also have benefits that are no less important for the environment.

Especially for those of you who often have problems with the number of mosquitoes around the house, especially in the rainy season like this.

Dragonflies are natural predators, which you can use as how to get rid of mistressk without the aid of drugs or tools.

7. Soldier Beetle (Cantharidae)


Although rarely seen, due to its habitat in trees, this type of insect is the most aggressive pest predator.

The army beetle’s aggressive nature makes it reliable, to repel the various types of plant-destroying pests that usually appear in gardens and parks.

So pay close attention, next time you go check out your plants, make sure not to eradicate the army beetles.

8. Spider (Araneae)

Are you one of those people who is afraid of spiders?

It’s not wrong, because the appearance of this type of eight-legged insect can be quite frightening for some people.

But don’t let the fear of spiders blind you, from the benefits of classifying animals that are included in the order Araneae this.

Spiders are natural predators of various types of nuisance insects such as mosquitoes, flies and grasshoppers.

9. Wasp (Hymenoptera)


Although at first glance it looks like a bee in a larger size, in fact wasps are a different type of insect.

Its relatively large body size makes it a natural predator of various types of pests.

10. Damsel Bug (Nabidae)

In the world of agriculture, damsel bug which belongs to the insect family Nabidae believed to be the most effective natural pest control.

11. Ground beetles (Carabidae)


The next type of insect is also a natural pest control, which can help you maintain the health of plants in the garden.

The difference is, ground beetles most often eat pests that are in the soil.

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