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Do you want your home garden to be more beautiful and elegant? 5 Must-Have Outdoor Ornamental Plants!

PROBOLINGGO PORTAL – Having a minimalist space is not an obstacle to creating a beautiful garden filled with ornamental plants.

There are several plants for a minimalist garden that will be very suitable to be planted in narrow land without the need for troublesome special care.

Plants for this minimalist garden will create a simple but luxurious impression. Especially if the garden is designed in a contemporary style.

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Reporting from houzz, here are 5 plants for a minimalist garden that are easy to care for:

  1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that can survive dry weather. In fact, he can still live in cold weather.

Aloe’s ability to adapt to the weather makes it an easy plant to care for.

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Besides adding to the beauty, caring for aloe vera in the garden is also beneficial because this plant has many benefits for health.