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Dewa Dewa has a myriad of benefits, it turns out to treat diabetes to stroke

PROBOLINGGO PORTAL – Dewa leaf is a plant that has the Latin name Gynura divaricata.

Dewa leaves thrive in areas with an altitude of 200-800 meters above sea level (asl), it reproduces by tubers or stem cuttings.

Reported PROBOLINGGO PORTAL from Homeostasis3, here are the benefits of the leaves of the gods.

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1. Treat Stroke

Stroke is a health problem that occurs due to damage to tissue in the brain due to arteries that carry blood to the brain.

This problem should be helped as quickly as possible to prevent bad things from happening. The health benefits of gynura leaves can be an alternative medicine to help deal with strokes, the steps are:

Drink a herbal concoction made from the blowing of a plant bulb from the leaves of the gods mixed with a little ginkgo seeds and a little honey.

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