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Can maintain heart health, these are the benefits of longan fruit

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Longan is one type of fruit that has a myriad of benefits. Usually, longan fruit is sold directly, in cans, or sold after becoming dried fruit. The benefits of longan fruit come from the various nutrients contained in it.

One of the important vitamins in longan fruit is vitamin C. Citing Web MD (webmd.com), consuming one serving of longan fruit can meet almost all of your daily vitamin C needs.

Apart from vitamin C, you can get other nutrients, such as potassium and vitamin B2 or riboflavin. In 20 longan fruits, there are 38 calories, 1 g protein, 10 g carbohydrates, and 0 g fat. So, you can do this fruit regularly.

With its delicious taste, consuming longan fruit can increase your appetite for eating other types of fruit. This means that the more nutritional intake your body receives, your health will be maintained.

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Repairing Body Tissue

Vitamin C is needed by the body to maintain healthy tissue. So, when there is injured tissue, vitamin C from longan will work to heal it. The same is true of muscles, cartilage, skin, bones and other parts of the body.

Maintain Heart Health

Because it contains lots of vitamin C and antioxidants, longan fruit is useful for maintaining your health. This content can reduce arterial tension so that the risk of cardiovascular disease can decrease.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Not only has vitamin C, Web MD says that the potassium in longan is useful for controlling blood pressure. By eating longan fruit regularly, your risk of having a stroke and other heart diseases will decrease.

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Side effects

Although there are many benefits of longan fruit, you still need to be careful about the side effects. The high carbohydrate content and low fiber in longan can make the blood sugar count soar.

So, the consumption of longan fruit needs to be limited for diabetics. Fresh, dried, or canned longan fruit contains different nutrients. This means that you need to consult with your doctor first to prevent unwanted things from happening.

Editor: Belladina Biananda