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Can Inhibit The Growth of Herpes Virus, Here Are Other Benefits of Soursop Fruit

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG- Soursop fruit has a characteristic sweet and sour, so it is often used to be processed into fresh drinks such as syrup or juice. But there are also those who use soursop fruit to be used as treatment

This fruit with prickly skin does have quite a lot of benefits for the health of the body.

From the results of research, soursop fruit is useful for treating high blood pressure to herpes.

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Quoted from Kontan.Id, soursop fruit is widely used as an ingredient in beverage menus. In fact, soursop fruit has many health benefits.

Soursop fruit, a tropical fruit that is liked by many people. Soursop fruit has pure white flesh.

Sweet and sour taste of soursop fruit. This makes soursop fruit suitable for making drink menus.

Apparently, soursop fruit not only has a fresh and delicious taste.

Soursop fruit is also rich in vitamins and other nutrients.

Launching from a book entitled Potions and Benefits of Soursop, by Lina Mardiana, Juwita Ratnasari, soursop fruit contains vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium.

This content makes soursop fruit believed to have many benefits for the health of the body when consumed regularly in ideal amounts.

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