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Can Burn Calories, These Are Other Floor Exercise Benefits!

Illustration of Benefits of Floor Gymnastics, Photo: Doc. freepik.com
Maintaining a healthy body and burning calories is one of them benefits gymnastics. Floor exercise is a sport that can be done to keep your body in shape.
Also known as gymnastics, gymnastics is a type of sport that is quite easy to do and can be practiced at home. This type of sport does not require equipment like other sports. There are various kinds of floor exercise movements that you can apply at home, such as a candle stance, front roll, kayang, handstand, and headstand.
Basically, floor exercise requires a lot of muscle strength, coordination, agility, and body balance. Because, this gymnastics requires strength in the hands and feet, as well as coordination between the muscles of the body and joints. Sports This can also be contested in the Olympics, you know! Then what are the benefits of floor exercise? Let’s see the explanation!

1. Benefits of Floor Gymnastics: Increase Flexibility

When doing floor exercises, the muscles slowly become tighter and more flexible. This more flexible and flexible body can avoid the risk of injury and pain. But before doing floor exercises, stretch and warm up.

This type of exercise can burn calories in the body. This is because when doing various gymnastic movements, you must be able to control your heart rate and involve the muscles in your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and stomach. Doing various floor exercises on a regular basis can also develop the potential to have ideal posture.

Performing various floor exercises on a regular basis can train muscle strength to withstand body weight. In addition, this type of exercise is very good for maintaining healthy bodies and bone strength.

Starting from an early age, floor exercise is also able to provide bone density to maximum capacity. Not only strengthens bones, this gymnastic exercise can help reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Those are some of the benefits of floor exercise for body health. Before doing various floor exercises, don’t forget to warm up! If this is the first time you are doing this one sport, ask for assistance from a professional. Are you interested in doing floor exercises? (RYFA)