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Burning more fat, this is the benefit of green tea for the body

KONTAN.CO.ID – There are many benefits of green tea that your body can feel. Starting from burning fat, improving brain function, reducing the risk of cancer, and others.

The benefits of green tea come from the antioxidants and other important nutrients found in green tea.

Quoting from Healthline, green tea contains polyphenols or compounds to relieve inflammation and catechins. Catechins are a type of antioxidant that is useful for fighting cell damage in the body.

These substances can prevent the formation and buildup of free radicals that can cause various types of diseases. One of them is a sign of aging on the skin.

In addition, green tea is also equipped with various minerals that the body needs to stay healthy.

Generally, green tea is consumed in the form of tea. You need to choose green tea with good quality so that the benefits can be felt more.

Try to consume green tea regularly so that the body becomes healthier. Here are the benefits of green tea that your body can feel:

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Improve brain function

The benefits of green tea are useful for improving brain function.

Although not as much caffeine in coffee, caffeine in green tea is still useful for improving your brain function. Caffeine works by blocking an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine so that dopamine production increases.

Apart from improving brain function, caffeine in green tea can also improve mood or feelings, alertness, and memory. This function is still being maximized in the presence of the amino acid L-theanine.

Burn fat

The next benefits of green tea, according to Healthline, is its ability to burn fat in the body. A study involving 10 men showed that consumption of green tea can increase calorie burn by up to 4%.

However, the results of the study did not show any signs that green tea could increase metabolism.

So, if you want to lose weight, balance the consumption of green tea with another healthy lifestyle. For example, diligently exercising or eating food for a diet.

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Reducing the risk of cancer

The antioxidants in green tea are useful for dealing with oxidative damage that causes chronic inflammation, one of which is cancer.

A study shows that women who consume green tea regularly have a reduced risk of breast cancer by 20% to 30%.

Reduces bad breath

Apart from fighting cell damage, catechins can also be used to treat bad breath. A study that proves the benefits of green tea shows that catechins can prevent bacterial growth.

However, further research is still needed to really prove it.

Editor: Belladina Biananda