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Black Honey has a myriad of benefits, can cure these 4 diseases too

Suara.com – Black Honey has a myriad of benefits, can cure these 4 diseases too

Many of the benefits of honey, apart from honey which is brown in color, there is black honey which is equally beneficial for the body.

Black honey is honey that comes from mahogany flowers, so the color is darker and darker. In addition, this type of honey also has a more bitter taste than ordinary honey.

The source of this bitter taste comes from the alkaloid compounds present in the mahogany tree. However, it is precisely from these alkaloids that you can get many benefits from black honey.

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In addition, black honey also contains several other substances that are good for your body, such as saponins and flavonoids.

In 2013, there was a study published in the Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences on the use of traditional and modern honey for human health. There it is known that black honey contains antioxidants higher than regular honey.

This is because honey which contains flavonoid compounds has more total phenolic content, so that its effect is quite large on the human body.

In addition, many studies say that the darker the color of a honey, the more nutrients and vitamins it has.

Therefore, most people believe that black honey has good benefits for the human body, as reported Hello Healthy :

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1. Suitable for people with diabetes

As previously explained, black honey contains alkaloids which are high in alkaloids and are good for diabetics. Not only that, black honey has low glucose levels, so it is unlikely that it will increase blood sugar drastically.