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Black Honey Can Increase Children's Appetite, Really?

Illustration of a child eating. Photo: Shutter Stock
Sad and worried at the same time child you keep having no appetite, Moms! Worried that later your little one’s growth will be disrupted due to unbalanced nutritional intake.

If you have this, parents usually immediately provide intake which is believed to increase appetite. Black honey for example.

Black honey itself comes from mahogany flowers, so the color will indeed be darker and darker. Besides that, it tastes more bitter than usual honey. According to several studies, the darker the color, the better its nutritional content.

So, is black honey really useful for increasing appetite in children?

Black honey illustration. Photo: Pixabay

According to the Clinical Nutritionist, dr. Jovita Amelia, Sp.GK, black honey has actually not been scientifically proven whether it can help increase your little one’s appetite, Moms.

“Black honey contains antioxidants and antibacterial properties as well as several minerals. So it is good for the immune system. But for (children’s) appetite, there is no scientific evidence yet,” said dr. Jovita told KumparanMOM when he was contacted some time ago.

Although not scientifically proven to add appetite children, but black honey has many health benefits. So, it’s okay if you want to keep giving it to your baby.

Quoting from Dr. Health Benefits, here are the benefits that can be obtained from black honey.

1. Good for Diabetes Patients

For children with diabetes, black honey is suitable. Because these foods contain low glucose levels and high alkaloids which can lower blood sugar levels. In addition, the frequency of urinating during bedtime at night can be slightly reduced.

Another benefit of black honey is that it can lower cholesterol if consumed at least twice a day, as much as two tablespoons.

Black honey illustration. Photo: pixabay
Does your little one often have ulcers? If so, just give this black honey, because it can reduce pain and nausea due to ulcer symptoms that appear. Consume honey black regularly believed to reduce to cure it.

Instead of giving children antibiotic medicines in tablet or capsule form, just give your little one black honey. Because this honey has bacteriostatic properties that can inhibit bacterial activity in the body. In addition, black honey is also believed to be able to treat shortness of breath, sore throat, and cough.

Since long time ago, black honey is believed to be one of the traditional medicines that treat asthma and lung diseases. However, the healing effect on each person is different because of the adaptation process.

Although black honey has many benefits for children, parents should also pay attention to the rules of giving honey. dr. Jovita said, don’t overdo it because giving too much honey can risk obesity.

“One to two teaspoons a day is not a problem. And as long as you don’t give it for 1 year,” concluded the doctor who practices at Ciputra Hospital, Jakarta.