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Benefits of peaches from health to beauty

KORDANEWS – Peaches in English are known as peaches. This fruit is almost similar to an apple but the color of the flesh tends to be yellow. In Chinese culture, peaches are often used for purposes in prayer activities. This fruit is quite popular in Indonesia because it tastes good to be consumed every day as a complementary food and additional dishes. So, what are the benefits of peaches?

Benefits of peaches for health
Besides being delicious, peaches also contain many nutrients that are useful for health. Unsaturated fats, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, sugar, and dietary fiber in this fruit.

Until now, people only know peaches as fruit, but not many people know if this fruit can be used as a preventative food and medicine for various diseases. In order not to misunderstand the benefits of peaches, here is a detailed explanation of some of the uses of this fruit for your health.

1. Healthy skin
If you are a woman who really cares about the appearance of your skin, then you need to make your skin healthier with natural ingredients. The benefits of peaches for the skin are that they make them healthy without the bad side effects of their vitamin C content.

2. Help treat cancer
The next benefit of peaches is to help treat cancer. You need to know that this fruit contains selenium compounds which are useful for the treatment of cancer. With the addition of vitamin E in this fruit, it will make it a natural cancer cure.

3. Healthy digestion
Minerals and fiber are also beneficial for the digestive system. The benefits of this peach can make your digestion healthier because of its fiber and mineral content. Your digestion will be smoother and healthier.

4. Make kidneys healthier
The benefits of peaches for the kidneys have also been proven. This fruit is able to make your kidneys healthier. With kidneys that work more optimally, you will also avoid several diseases, including bladder disease.

5. Rheumatic drugs
Peaches have a function as painkillers. This is what is usually taken to be used as painkillers, especially in rheumatic diseases. Eat diligently this fruit to relieve your rheumatic disease.

6. Diet foods
One way to a good diet is to eat less foods that contain lots of calories. Peaches can be a food for your diet because this fruit is a type of fruit that contains very few calories.

7. Healing injured skin
The benefit of peaches as a healing for injured skin is to use the protein content in this fruit as a weapon to treat injured skin. That way, your wound will heal quickly.

8. Antioxidants
Vitamin C in peaches is the main vitamin as an anti-oxidant that can prevent all the consequences of free radical attacks. Protect your body from the dangers of free radicals by eating peaches every day.

9. Make eyes healthier
Peaches also have vitamin A for healthy eyes. For those of you who want to strengthen your eyesight, you need lots of foods that contain vitamin A, including this fresh fruit.

10. Protection from UV rays
The combination of vitamins A, K, and also E is a combination of vitamins that are useful for protecting your body from UV rays. Not too much UV rays hit the body or you will catch a disease that will damage the body. (DBS)

Editor: John.W


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