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Benefits of Green Tea to Lower Cholesterol, Here Are the 4 Best Times to Drink it

PROBOLINGGO PORTAL – Green tea is a type of tea that is quite liked by some people in various parts of the world, including Indonesians.

Green tea as a drink can provide many benefits for the body such as preventing cancer, preventing heart disease, preventing inflammation (anti-inflammatory), and helping to lower cholesterol.

However, these positive effects can really be felt if one drinks green tea at the right time.

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Quoted PROBOLINGGO PORTAL from various sources, here are the best times to drink green tea so that the body gets the benefits.

1. Before or After Eating

The benefits of green tea as cholesterol-lowering can be more effective if green tea is consumed before or after meals, especially when eating fatty foods.

Green tea can help increase metabolism and the body’s ability to absorb incoming fat.

For the record, if a person’s body is deficient in vitamin D, drinking green tah, especially after eating is not recommended.