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Benefits of Burdock Root in Caring for Skin

DokterSehat.Com – Health care for the body, especially for the skin using traditional methods, is widely chosen. Apart from using natural ingredients that are safer, the process is fairly easy. In this regard, there is nothing wrong with getting acquainted with Burdock roots.

Benefits of Burdock Root in Caring for Skin

The root of the Burdock plant has long been used to treat several health problems, especially those affecting the skin. It is not surprising that Burdock root is now a reference for many cosmetic manufacturers in making products that are effective and effective in promoting skin health.

1. Overcoming Acne

Those of you who have acne prone or oily skin types don’t need to worry. The reason is, this one skin problem can be overcome easily by using only Burdock root extract. Reporting from the page Cure Joy, Burdock sensitive alarms are equipped with a substance called polyacetylene. This substance is a substance that acts as an anti-bacterial. It’s no wonder that Burdock root can kill P. acnes bacteria which often triggers acne.

2. Relieves Eczema

Not only effective in overcoming acne problems, consuming Burdock root that is brewed into tea can also treat eczema problems. This disease is usually caused by a fungal infection that makes the skin feel dry and itchy. Worse, people with eczema will also have cracked skin due to streptococcus attacks. However, the polyacetylene content in Burdock root also acts as an anti-fungal agent that will heal the skin and relieve symptoms of eczema.

3. Prevent Aging

Furthermore, it turns out that Burdock root is also equipped with a fairly high antioxidant content. As additional information, antioxidants themselves are active substances that play an important role in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. Especially from free radicals caused by sunlight and pollutants.

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Free radicals themselves trigger oxidative stress which causes body cells, including skin cells, to age faster. Therefore, the antioxidant content in Burdock root will help prevent this process from occurring and stimulate collagen production.

Speaking of Burdock root, this natural ingredient can be used in several ways. Starting from consuming it as a tea or supplement to applying essential oils or care products that contain their extracts. Another advantage, Burdock root can also be used to treat your hair.

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