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Benefits of Bitter Black Honey, from Ulcer Patients to Diabetes

Bitter Black Honey Photo: Pixabay
Never heard of honey bitter black? Bitter black honey may not be well known to people. However, this honey has greater properties than ordinary honey. Regular honey tends to be clear brown in color with a sweet taste. Meanwhile, black honey has a darker color with a bitter taste that is known as bitter black honey.

This difference in honey is caused by plants that are absorbed by bees. If the regular honey is absorbed by bees from the flowers, the bitter black honey is absorbed from the mahogany tree. The content of alkaloid compounds from the mahogany tree makes black honey taste bitter.

Compared to regular honey, bitter black honey has even greater benefits. Honey also contains antioxidants which are higher than regular honey. The following are the properties of bitter black honey.

Safe For People With Diabetes

The high alkaloid content and low glucose levels make bitter honey suitable for consumption by people with diabetes. The sugar contained in bitter black honey is not as much sugar in regular honey. In fact, bitter black honey is believed to reduce sugar in the blood.

Bitter black honey is believed to treat digestive problems such as ulcers. Not only that, bitter black honey also has properties to neutralize the stomach. The stomach will remain strong even if you eat sour or spicy foods.

Increase Endurance

Ordinary honey has been believed to increase endurance, as well as bitter black honey. The phenolic compounds contained in it are believed to increase endurance. This honey also functions to prevent the body from various diseases.

Cure Sore Throat

Instead of using medicine, try to use bitter black honey to cure sore throat or cough. Apart from being natural, bitter black honey is also quite an effective treatment. According to research in the journal Child Pediatric Health on children suffering from bronchitis, it was found that the basic properties of honey can reduce cough symptoms.

Not only for health, bitter black honey can also be used as a natural ingredient for beauty care. The ingredients can brighten the skin, get rid of black spots on the face, and treat acne. With its exfoliating properties, bitter black honey is able to remove dead skin cells.

Those are some of the benefits of bitter black honey. It’s a good idea to try bitter black honey as a treatment before seeing a doctor. Who knows, it can be cured with natural ingredients.