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Benefits and Types of Floor Gymnastics for Home Sports

Illustration of Floor Gymnastics Warming. Source: Box Water Is Better-Unsplash.com
There are various types gymnastics what you can do to exercise at home. In a pandemic like today, exercise is a routine that we should do. Floor gymnastics is a practical and easy exercise. The floor exercise movements that you can practice are as follows.

Types of floor exercise that are easy to practice

Types of floor exercises that are easy to practice are floor exercises without tools. Reporting from Fik.um.ac.id, floor exercise without this tool is one part of gymnastics artistic. Floor exercise is carried out on a floor with a mattress without using other tools. The series of movements in this floor exercise, namely:
  • Roll Front (Forward Roll). Movement starts from the nape, back, hips, and hips behind.

  • Back Roll (Backward Roll). Movement starts from the hips, hips back, back, back of the head, and ends with both legs.

If you have been able to perform the two movements above, you can increase the intensity of the exercise and floor exercises. For example, the wax stance, standing with your head (headstand), or standing with both hands (handstand).

Benefits of Doing Floor Gymnastics

As for doing floor exercises is to improve one’s ability to move. In addition, floor exercises are also able to develop muscle endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and body coordination.

Benefits doing floor exercises can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and asthma. Therefore, floor exercises need to be done regularly and gradually because and always begin with warming up to prevent muscle injury.
Happy practicing floor gymnastics. Let Sports routinely! (A A)