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Behind its distinctive smell, these are 5 benefits of saliva for the human body

Suara.com – Often considered disgusting, there is a hidden secret behind the benefits of saliva for the human body. This fluid that is in the mouth functions to moisturize the inside of the mouth, keeps it clean, and contains a number of important substances for health. Are you curious about the benefits of saliva? Check out the facts below, as reported by Dentalsphere.

1. Healing
Saliva can heal. Saliva has a powerful cleansing power for the skin with healing properties thanks to the nutrients it contains. Yes, saliva can heal sores inside the mouth. In some customs in society, saliva is also used to treat wounds on the skin on other parts of the body.

2. Clean the mouth
Saliva helps keep teeth and mouth free of bacteria and viruses. The content of antibacterial compounds and enzymes in it makes saliva useful for maintaining oral hygiene.

3. Protection
Saliva is useful for protecting the body from the acid content found in food and drinks consumed. This is done by neutralizing these acids so that the soft tissues, teeth and gums remain safe.

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4. Helps remove bacteria
Inside, the mouth has good and bad bacteria. Contents in saliva, called pellicles, will form a protective layer around the teeth which helps to quickly remove bacteria. It is also useful for protecting teeth from demineralization caused by acids.

5. Good for digestion
Saliva balances the acidity (pH) of the mouth, which improves the taste of solid and liquid foods. On the other hand, saliva is also useful for breaking down food when it reaches the intestines for further digestion. (The dawn of Ramadan)