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Behind the bitter taste of black honey, there are 10 powerful properties - all pages

GridHEALTH.id – The health benefits of honey are not in doubt.

As quoted from the European Food Information Council, honey has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine because it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.

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Honey also has a low water content, hydrogen peroxide and acidity (average pH of 3.9) which is not friendly to bacteria giving honey antibacterial properties.

These antioxidants and antibacterial agents help maintain overall health.

But you know apart from that, apparently there is black honey, aka black honey which is called healthier than usual honey.

Yes, even though it has a bitter taste, black honey has abundant benefits.

This is because black honey is usually taken from the extract of the mahogany tree which contains high alkaloid substances.

Following are the amazing properties of black honey;

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1. Maintain immunity

The main benefit of bitter honey is to maintain immunity.

By consuming black honey regularly, a person can maintain his immunity from the possibility of getting various diseases.

Not only that, the saponins in honey also keep blood sugar stable and reduce body fat.

This means that black honey can also be used as an option while on a diet to get the ideal body weight.

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2. Improve blood circulation

The flavonoid compounds in honey are also a stronghold of the body’s defense from various diseases.

In addition, flavonoids are also useful in improving blood circulation, reducing bad cholesterol levels in the blood, reducing fat, and also being a source of antioxidants.

3. Maximizing the function of the pancreas

The content of chromium in black honey helps the pancreas function in producing insulin.

Thus, the blood sugar metabolism in the body can circulate smoothly. It also avoids the buildup of sugar or fat in the blood vessels.

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4. Overcome inflammation

The alkaloid substances of honey contribute to the benefits of bitter honey, especially in overcoming inflammation or inflammation.

Honey like this is healthy, especially black honey which tastes bitter.  amazing properties.


Honey like this is healthy, especially black honey which tastes bitter. amazing properties.

When inflammation is resolved, the body’s cells can function optimally.

5. Maintain stamina

Hemoglobin is also important for binding oxygen in the body so that stamina and vitality are maintained.

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6. Can be consumed by diabetics

Black honey can be consumed by diabetics because of its low glucose content, while its alkaloid content is high.

This alkaloid again helps lower blood sugar levels.

Even in diabetics who have vision problems, one of the benefits of bitter honey is to help normalize blurry eyes.

Not only that, things that make diabetics uncomfortable, such as the frequency of excessive urination at night can be slightly reduced by consuming black honey.

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7. Overcoming joint pain

One of the triggers of joint pain is gout, and this can be treated with black honey.

The neutralizing toxin in black honey can neutralize the purine substance that causes uric acid so that it can be removed easily through the kidneys.

8. Treating ulcers

Black honey can be used for ulcers.

freepik.com collage

Black honey can be used for ulcers.

Who would have thought, another benefit of bitter honey is to treat ulcers, especially when annoying symptoms such as pain and nausea appear.

Consuming black honey regularly can reduce the discomfort of ulcer sufferers. In fact, it can help nourish one’s digestive system.

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9. Eliminate black spots on the face

In addition to health, the benefits of bitter honey can also disguise and even remove black spots or dark spots on the face.

The trick is to apply black honey twice a week on the face. Slowly, the dark spots will fade.

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10. Relieves asthma

Consuming black honey can also treat asthma and other lung problems. Indeed, the results are not instantaneous, but black honey can be an option for people with asthma.

For the record, if we do have certain diseases, don’t just replace the doctor’s treatment with black honey, because the doctor’s treatment is also important.

If you want to start consuming black honey, choose one that is completely natural and proven to be authentic.

Black honey is safe for consumption every day, whether mixed with other drinks or directly drunk.

Black honey is plentiful and easy to find in Indonesia, so the more likely it is that you can consume black honey and get its properties.

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