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Baking Food Is Better Than Frying, Here's The Reason

A number of studies have shown that baking food is better than frying when it comes to its health benefits.

antvklik.com – There are many choices for how to process food ingredients, including boiling, steaming, frying and baking. If you want to get a crunchier texture, frying and grilling can be an option. Then, which one is better between these two cooking techniques?

Summarized from HealthlineIn terms of health benefits, grilling cooking techniques generally have advantages over frying.

Here’s why roasting in general has an advantage over frying.

Food absorbs a lot of fat when fried

This is true even with low-fat foods. As a result, eating lots of fried or fried foods can cause you to gain weight quickly. Fried foods are also at risk of preventing the smooth flow of blood because the fat they contain clogs blood vessels.

Food retains more vitamins when baked

It doesn’t matter if you are grilling meat or vegetables. These foods can retain most of their vitamins when grilling or grilling. Riboflavin and thiamine are important vitamins that can be found in meat and are preserved if the meat is grilled, not fried.

Baked foods contain less fat

When the food is roasted, fat is extracted from the meat. This means that baking food actually reduces the oil contained in food ingredients that are being processed. Grilling will allow the fat from the food to melt and drip down. As a result, grilling techniques can reduce food calories, and it is the opposite of frying.

More friendly to teeth and gums

This benefit can be achieved because roasting helps make the meat more tender. You can achieve a high degree of tenderness by grilling meat.

Although baking tends to be healthier than frying, you have to pay attention to how it is done properly. Roasting food for too long in a temperature that is too hot, can trigger the formation of several compounds that have the potential to cause cancer.