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Apart from Streamlining Labor, These are 4 Benefits of Exercise for Pregnant Women in the Late Trimester

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Pregnant women who are entering the third trimester will certainly feel various changes in their body and other routines. Like easily tired and more difficult to sleep even in the day. In order to keep the body in shape before delivery, it is usually advisable to do so exercise for pregnant women.

There are various benefits of exercise for pregnant women, especially when entering 9 months of pregnancy. Not only keeping the body healthy and fit, as well as preparing for and expediting childbirth, getting used to exercise in the final trimester of pregnancy can help pregnant women cope with the physical and mental conditions after labor.

Here are the benefits of exercise for pregnant women in the final trimester

1. Reducing the risk of pregnancy complications

Exercise for 9 months pregnant women can also help you reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, such as babies born with excess weight, and the threat of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Not only that, exercise can also increase the success of the normal delivery process.

2. Reduce stress

Exercising during pregnancy can increase serotonin levels, which act to lift your mood and make you happier. Not surprisingly, 9 months pregnant exercise is needed to reduce risk postpartum depression that can be experienced by women.

3. Make sleep better

9 months pregnant exercise can also make pregnant women tend to sleep better at night. Enough rest is certainly needed by every pregnant woman. In addition, sleeping well can also reduce stress when you are pregnant.

4. Streamlining delivery

In addition to reducing the risk of caesarean delivery, exercise for pregnant women at age pregnancy 9 also helps smooth and shorten normal delivery times. Not only that, exercise also reduces the risk of constipation, bloating and inflammation in areas of the body that can arise as a result of childbirth.

5. Maintain body fitness

In the final trimester of pregnancy, exercise for pregnant women 9 can help you improve your body fitness. After all, good stamina and health are needed during childbirth. Exercise can help you stay in shape when facing labor. In addition to providing benefits during pregnancy and childbirth, getting used to exercise during pregnancy can train muscles and improve posture, so as to reduce discomfort due to back pain.