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Apart from pineapple, these fruits and vegetables should be avoided by pregnant women

Although good for health, some types of fruits and vegetables are dangerous for pregnant women because they can cause miscarriage.

Food intake during pregnancy must be taken seriously. The reason is, the first three months of pregnancy are a vulnerable and risky womb. Although nutritious, the following fruits and vegetables have ingredients that are risky for pregnant women.

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Fruit and vegetable smoothies
Fruit and vegetable smoothies. Photo: Pixabay


There are many myths that say that pineapple is dangerous for the womb. This is true. Eating pineapple, either directly or processed as juice, can result in miscarriage.

The enzyme content of bormelin in this fruit can trigger uterine contractions and soften the cervix, thus threatening the condition of the fetus. Bromelin enzyme itself works to facilitate digestion of food.


Just like pineapple, papaya also has enzymes that are harmful to the fetus. This enzyme works like the active lasers found in laxatives. There are allegations that excessive consumption of papaya during pregnancy can cause the child to be born prematurely.

Papaya fruit juice
Papaya fruit juice. Photo: Pixabay


Peaches or more familiarly called peach also not good for pregnancy. The reason is, peaches can increase body heat and cause internal bleeding. Peach skin covered in fine hair can also cause itching in the throat.


Known for its myriad of benefits, the acid content in apples can actually cause uterine contractions.

Peaches . Photo: Pixabay


Potatoes that are left too long to sprout are not good for pregnant women to eat. The reason is, there is a solanine substance which is toxic and endangers the fetus.

Raw bean sprouts

Usually consumed raw in several dishes, it turns out that bean sprouts can be dangerous. This is due to the salmonella bacteria found in raw bean sprouts. Cook the bean sprouts first before eating it.

Even so, these fruits can still be consumed as long as they are in small amounts.

In addition, there are many other types of food that are not recommended for pregnant women, ranging from seafood, fish with mercury content, caffeine, alcohol, various spicy foods, to aloe vera. (CTH)