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9 most popular ornamental plants for 2020, have health benefits

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Apart from being an element of decoration in the house, ornamental plants can also be beneficial for health.

By releasing oxygen and reducing dust and pollutants in the air, plants can remove contaminants that can help avoid colds. In addition, plants can also reduce stress by providing a calm atmosphere.

Reporting from Prescott eNews, Wednesday (30/12/2020), a good rule of thumb is to have one plant for the living room and family room.

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Some of these reasons make ornamental plants favored by the public throughout 2020. The following are 9 ornamental plants that have the most popular health benefits in 2020.

Croton or croton plant illustration.  Shown in the picture is a type of Croton Petra. SHUTTERSTOCK / MEHMET GOKHAN BAYHAN Croton or croton plant illustration. Shown in the picture is a type of Croton Petra.

1. Croton or croton

There are many types of Croton, each with a different leaf shape. All types have broad leaves that have exotic patterns and colors.

The most popular is the type of petra, which has yellow, red, and green hues.

Croton thrives in low light areas but can grow with lots of color if placed in a lighter room.

Watering it once a week can make it grow and prevent the soil from drying out.

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2. ZZ plant

With tall succulent stems and bold architectural structures, this plant is a favorite for homes with modern décor. This plant requires little care so it is perfect for those who travel a lot.

Place the ZZ plant in medium to high light and water only when the soil is dry.

Ornamental Chinese Money Plant or Pilea peperomioides.SHUTTERSTOCK / A-PHOTOGRAPHYY Ornamental Chinese Money Plant or Pilea peperomioides.

3. Chinese money plant

Many people believe this plant can bring good luck and is a symbol of wealth.

Feng shui designs use this plant to draw green into a room. This plant is easy to care for and grows easily too.

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4. Peace lily

The Peace lily is an easy plant to care for and produces beautiful white flowers all year round.

This plant does well in dark rooms in the house and likes consistent humidity.

Illustration of fern, fern, suplir.SHUTTERSTOCK / Polarpx Illustration of fern, fern, suplir.

5. Maidenhair fern or suplir

The maidenhair fern is a delicate little fern, with small, tender green leaves on a graceful black stalk.

High humidity keeps these ferns happy and is well placed in bathroom and kitchen environments.

Increase the humidity around the maidenhair fern by placing it on a gravel tray and keeping water in the tray.

6. Creeping fig

These vines have green and white heart-shaped leaves that are shriveled. Suitable for hanging in baskets. Place it in a sunny place and keep the soil moist.

7. Pothos or ivory betel

These vines are one of the easiest plants to grow. Place it on a table, shelf, or hanging basket and let the vines grow and spread.

If preferred, add a stake for growing. Place it in low to medium light and let the soil dry before watering again.

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Illustration of the Calathea makoyana plant. SHUTTERSTOCK / IZZ HAZEL Illustration of the Calathea makoyana plant.

8. Calathea

This indoor plant features large, colorful leaves in shades of dark green and purple.

Medium sized upright plant, can be placed on a table or used as a floor plant.

This plant prefers bright spots, but the leaves are sensitive to direct sunlight.

Let the soil dry out a little before watering.

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9. English Ivy

English Ivy is often grown outdoors as a ground cover and a popular indoor plant. This plant is beautiful when placed on a hanging table or basket. Place the ivy in an area with high light and keep the soil moist.