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9 Benefits of Pine Oil for Health and Beauty, Know the Side Effects

Liputan6.com, Jakarta One type of essential oil, namely pine oil, is produced from the seeds and leaves of pine trees. This oil is certainly a must-try and feel the benefits, especially for the health of the body. Usually, one type of essential oil is often used as a mixture in skin care products. Not without reason, because the benefits of pine oil are very good for the body.

The benefits of pine oil itself have been known for hundreds of years. In the past, the Greeks often used pine oil as a medicine to treat beauty and skin health.

The characteristic of pine oil itself is a fresh aroma, balsamic or more like turpentine. However, pine oil has two different types. Pine oil comes from the leaves. Then, the second type of oil comes from pine nuts.

Pine oil itself contains monoterpene, sesquiterpene, terpineol, monoterpene carene (a-pinene, β-pinene and limonene), and dipentene (a-terpinene, borneol, borny acetate and camphene) which are of course very useful.

So, to discuss further about the various benefits of pine oil, here Liputan6.com has summarized from various sources, what are the benefits of pine oil, especially those related to body health and beauty, Monday (7/12/2020).