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9 Benefits of Mangosteen Skin: Overcoming Acne and Preventing Cancer Risk

7. Prevent the risk of cancer

Eating mangosteen peel can be a medium to prevent the risk of cancer. Mangosteen peel is recommended for consumption by people who are prone to cancer or those who already have a history of cancer.

Mangosteen peel is a high source of antioxidants. The content of antioxidants is very important to fight cancer-causing free radicals. In addition, the xanthones in mangosteen peel can prevent cancer cell proliferation.

This really helps the cancer healing process. Mangosteen peel can be used as a dietary supplement, in addition to other cancer treatments it is still being undertaken.

8. Overcoming stomach problems

Mangosteen peel is believed to be effective in overcoming several stomach problems. Mangosteen peel can be a traditional treatment for stomach problems, such as stomach disorders, diarrhea, and dysentery.

To get the benefits, you need to make a mangosteen peel soaking herb. This potion can be given to adults and children.

9. Relieve asthma symptoms

Asthma symptoms are usually very disturbing. Mangosteen peel can be used as an herbal medicine to prevent and relieve asthma symptoms, including symptoms of shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.

Source: Klikdokter, Halodoc

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