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9 Benefits of Lanang Onions for Health, Effectively Treating Toothache

9 Benefits of Lanang Onions for Health, Effectively Treating ToothacheGarlic illustration. © Pixabay

Merdeka.com – Garlic is one of the herbs that is often used to process various kinds of dishes. It can even be said that onions are one of the basic spices that are always needed for every dish. Starting from cooking soup, stir-fry, fry, to roast.

In this case, the onion has a strong enough smell that it can add an even better aroma to each dish. Not only that, but onions can also provide a distinctive taste in every dish that cannot be replaced by other spices. No wonder garlic is an important spice that should not be missed in every dish.

One type of garlic that is often used is single garlic. As the name implies, this single garlic only stands alone or only has one fruit. This single garlic is also often referred to as lanang onion.

Apart from being a kitchen spice, it turns out that there are several health benefits of lanang onions that need to be known. It is known that the benefits of lanang onions can be useful for treating toothaches effectively. Not only that, lanang onions can also be applied topically to treat and prevent acne, consumed to increase endurance, to treat various diseases.

Reporting from Brilio.net, here we summarize some of the health benefits of lanang onions that you need to know.

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