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8 Vegetable Root Variants and Their Benefits in a Face Mask from South Korea

There are 8 types of mask variants with the main ingredients and different benefits according to skin problems as follows:

1. Carrot: Brighten and moisturize

2. Beetroot: Vitalizing and cleansing

3. Potatoes: Moisturizing and soothing

4. Burdock: Clearing and soothing

5. Kohlrabi: Brightening and toning

6. Lotus root: Smoothes and firms the skin

7. Ginger: Moisturizing and Nourishing

8. Yam: Brighten and moisturize

Use a mask after cleansing your face, then let it sit for 10 – 20 minutes, remove the mask and gently pat your face so that the remaining essence on the skin is well absorbed.

You can get the Jeju Root Energy Mask for IDR 21,000.