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8 Purple Leafy Ornamental Plants That Can Be Home Decorations

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Collecting and caring for ornamental plants is one of the trends throughout 2020. Various types of ornamental plants with unique leaf shapes and motifs are also excellent.

So, for those of you who want to complete a collection of ornamental plants at home, why not glance at ornamental plants with purple leaves? Of course this will be a beautiful complement among the rows of green leafy plants.

Reporting from Balcony Garden Web, Thursday (31/12/2020), here are some ornamental plants with purple leaves that can be your reference to beautify your home decor.

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Illustration of an oxalis ornamental plant. SHUTTERSTOCK / VYACHESLAV_BULATOV Illustration of an oxalis ornamental plant.

1. Oxalis

Native to Brazil, the Oxalis plant features unique pinwheel-shaped leaves and flowers that resemble stars.

Several varieties of Oxalis produce purple leaves with deeper accents.

Its delicate leaves and tiny flowers make Oxalis the ideal choice for placing in containers or indoors.

The small, triangular leaves of Oxalis close at night, which makes it a unique plant to have at home.

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2. Coleus

Coleus is a beautiful and striking plant, and is available in a variety of colors and styles. Most of these types of plants are used in outdoor gardens, but they are also very easy to grow as an indoor plant.

Illustration of ornamental Coleus plant. SHUTTERSTOCK / PICJON Illustration of ornamental Coleus plant.

The hue and color of the leaves come from receiving sufficient sunlight. The more light, the clearer the color.

However, indirect sunlight allows colors to form as well, even though they are a little subtle. In addition, Coleus is very easy to reproduce.

Beautiful and attractive leaves can bring a dull living room to life, while their compact structure fits well into a corner.

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3. Calathea Prayer Plant

Calathea Prayer Plant comes with an unusual purplish brown leaf hue. This is a fun plant to have in the home.