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8 Benefits of Reading Daily Chair Verses for Life

8 Benefits of Reading Daily Chair Verses for LifeAl-Qur’an. shutterstock / nuttakit

Merdeka.com – When Allah will lower the Ayat Kursi to the earth to the Prophet Muhammad with the angel Gabriel as an intermediary accompanied by 70,000 angels, heaven and earth and the whole universe and everything in it welcomes with great honor.

It is narrated that when Ayat Kursi was revealed, the earth became earthquaker and there are earthquakes all over the world. The descent of the Ayat Kursi was accompanied by a great roar. Even the crowns of kings fell off and fell off their heads until they fell to the ground.

Apart from humans who were experiencing an uproar, the demons were also in an uproar and running around facing the demon who was also scared. Then the demon king finally ordered the demons to look for the source of the earthquake or roar.

After arriving at the place where the Ayat Kursi came down, it turned out that the angel Jibril gave to the Prophet Muhammad who was accompanied by 70 thousand angels, this made the demons tremble and fear.

With the revelation of this Ayat Kursi, the Muslims will receive strong benefits and protection from Allah. This automatically blocks the devil’s intention to tempt humans and lead them astray.

The following are the benefits of reading the Ayat Kursi for everyday life, as reported by Liputan6:

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