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8 benefits of coffee masks for face

KOMPAS.com – Coffee has been known as the favorite drink of many people.

Behind the pleasure of this drink, it turns out that coffee also has a number of potential benefits for the face.

The content of various antioxidants in coffee is believed to make this natural ingredient effective in treating various skin problems.

For the face, coffee can be used as a mask, scrub, or topical product that is applied directly to the skin.

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Here are some of the potential benefits of coffee masks for the face:

1. Soothe the face

Launch Healthline, coffee has been known to have a stimulating effect on the body when drunk.

However, research shows the opposite findings. Coffee turns out to have soothing benefits when applied to the skin.

This calming effect cannot be separated from the role of antioxidant compounds in coffee.

There are many ways to use a coffee mask for relaxation at home. A fairly practical way is to mix coffee grounds with olive oil or other ingredients that don’t clog pores.

Use a one to one ratio. Then apply it to your face in a circular motion.

Let the mask soak into the skin, wait about 15 to 60 minutes. Just rinse with warm water. Use it at least twice a week.

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2. Against aging

Apart from being able to make the face more relaxed, the benefits of coffee masks for other faces are preventing premature aging.

Applying a coffee mask or coffee paste to the skin can reduce dark spots on the face, redness, and fine lines. If left untreated, all three can trigger premature aging.

Reporting from Verywell HealthThe antiaging effect of coffee masks is also obtained from the antioxidant content of this natural substance.

Antioxidants can protect the skin from free radicals that can trigger signs of aging.

Several studies have also shown that the oil contained in coffee has the same effect as hyaluronic acid anti-aging treatment ingredients.

The oil from coffee beans can increase collagen and elastin, making skin appear firmer.

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3. Prevent skin cancer

Illustration of sunSHUTTERSTOCK / bydvvid Illustration of sun

Apart from antioxidants, coffee is also enriched with vitamin B3 (niacin).

This compound is obtained by breaking down the compound trigonelline. Compound trigonelline can break down into niacin after roasting the coffee beans.

According to Skin Cancer Foundation, niacin can help prevent nonmelanoma skin cancer.

4. Reducing inflammation

Another unfortunate missed benefit of coffee masks is reducing inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory effect of coffee comes from its compound content chlorogenic acid (CGA) and melanoidin.

For information, CGA can reduce hyperpigmentation associated with inflammation.

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5. Helps get rid of acne

Illustration of wearing a coffee maskshutterstock Illustration of wearing a coffee mask

Apart from reducing inflammation, the CGA content also makes the benefits of coffee masks able to help get rid of acne.

The CGA in coffee has anti-inflammatory as well as antibacterial properties.

If coffee masks are used together with other acne medications, the combination of these ingredients is believed to reduce acne more effectively.

Things to remember, not all types of acne are caused by bacteria. Some are triggered by hormone problems. That way, not all acne can be treated with a coffee mask.

In addition, avoid using coffee masks as scrub for acne-prone skin. Coffee grounds scrubs can irritate inflamed pimples.

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6. Helps remove panda eyes

How to get rid of panda eyes naturally can use a coffee mask.

The caffeine content in coffee can help dilate blood vessels to cause stubborn dark circles under the eyes (panda eyes).

How to use a coffee mask for panda eyes is quite easy. You just need to mix half a teaspoon of coffee powder and olive oil.

Add a few drops of water to make the mixture thick and form a paste.

After that, use a coffee mask just under the eyes. Don’t rub it, just rub it gently on the sensitive area.

Let the coffee mask soak for five to ten minutes. After that, just rinse with water until clean.

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8. Overcoming sunburned skin

Coffee mask illustrationshutterstock Coffee mask illustration

Another benefit of coffee masks for faces is to help deal with sunburned skin.

Using a coffee mask after exposure to sunburn can have a calming effect.

How to use a coffee mask for sunburned skin is quite easy. Brew coffee grounds with a little water, wait for it to cool.

After that, dip a tissue or clean cloth in the brewed coffee to make sheet mask.

After that, squeeze out the remaining excess water and use it sheet mask from the coffee to the face.

The use of coffee masks for the face is generally safe. However, you still need to be vigilant and stop using it if signs of irritation appear such as redness or itching.