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8 Benefits of Banana Trees for Health, One of which is to Treat Anemia

8 Benefits of Banana Trees for Health, One of which is to Treat AnemiaIllustration of banana tree trunk. shutterstock

Merdeka.com – The name gedebok or banana tree does not sound popular in Indonesia. However, this suddenly became a hot topic of discussion because it became an expensive item abroad.

On the Amazon page, fresh banana stem powder is sold at US $ 24, the equivalent of Rp.327 thousand per 300 grams. Meanwhile, the Laksmistore website sells a piece of banana stem for 3.50 pounds or around IDR 50,000.

The high price of a banana stem cannot be separated from the benefits it has. Either part of the banana tree can be cooked or consumed raw in the form of juice.

In Indonesia, the existence of banana trees is still considered trivial and has not yet been fully utilized. However, if you already know what the benefits of this banana tree are, then it doesn’t hurt to try the benefits of this banana tree.

How to process it for consumption in the form of juice is quite easy. You can prepare a few slices of banana stalks and place them in a large bowl and add the buttermilk. Store in the refrigerator.

The next day, cut into small pieces, puree, add pepper, salt, cumin powder and curd. Grind until smooth and add water to consume it. Banana tree trunks that you can easily find will make it easier for you to process them and immediately feel the benefits and properties of this banana tree.

Reporting from Curejoy, the following merdeka.com has summarized for you 8 benefits of banana trees for health.

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