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7 unexpected health benefits of farts

KOMPAS.com – Fart is often identified with something embarrassing. Especially if the fart makes a sound or smell.

In fact, farting is a natural thing experienced by humans. It is a byproduct of our digestive system.

Farts are healthy and good for the body. In fact, when we can’t fart, we will feel uncomfortable like gas or pain in the stomach.

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Summarizing from Healthline, the body produces gas as part of the breakdown and processing of food. When eating, chewing, and swallowing; we also put air into the body.

These gases then accumulate in the digestive system. Some of it is absorbed naturally, but the rest must of course be removed from the body.

The rest of the gas leaves the body in the form of farts and burps.

The formation of farts in itself indicates that this has health benefits for the body.

There are at least 7 health benefits of farting. Anything?

1. Reduce bloating

If you feel bloated after a large meal, the gas that isn’t coming out may be one reason.

The fart itself is responsible for removing this gas from your digestive system.

Letting the gas escape and evaporate will instantly reduce your bloating and discomfort.

2. Good for the large intestine

Launch from Men’s Health, farting can make your intestines happy and lower the risk of colon complications.

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When you can’t or can’t hold fart, gas can limit bowel movements. This results in discomfort in the digestive system, pain, and even constipation.

Although sometimes holding back farts to avoid embarrassing sounds isn’t a problem, it’s actually a habit that can potentially cause medical problems for your colon, according to Women’s Health Mag.

3. As an early warning system

Farts also serve as an alarm for something that is happening to the digestive tract.

In fact, farts can predict major health problems from an early age.

Quoted from Huffington Post, things to watch out for about farts are extreme odors, increased gas frequency, and strange gas pains.

This condition may be a symptom of lactose intolerance or in extreme cases such as colon cancer.

4. Smells good to you

Farts are often associated with bad smelling gases. But it turns out that the smell of fart is also beneficial for us.

Studies have shown that the compound we produce in small amounts in farts, hydrogen sulfide, can actually protect against disease later in life.

This gas is a “rotten egg” smell that often appears in digestive gases.

In large quantities, these compounds can be poisonous.

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However, in small doses it can prevent cell damage and prevent strokes and heart attacks.

5. Help balance your diet

We all need a balanced diet to stay healthy, and your farts may help provide clues as to what foods your gut needs.

Different foods produce different types of gas. This tells you what you may be missing from your diet or whether you are overeating.

For example, if you pass gas less frequently, you may need more fiber and foods like lentils, green beans, and kale in your diet.

Conversely, if you eat too much red meat, it can produce a very unpleasant smell.

6. Shows the condition of the intestinal bacteria

If you fart a lot, don’t rush into thinking that you’re not feeling well.

In fact, a lot of farting can be a sign of a healthier gut microbiome. It also signifies good gut health

That’s because the foods that feed your microbiome and promote more efficient digestion are foods like cauliflower, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, according to the NPR.

These leafy greens kick your gut bacteria up to speed, which means better digestion, and more gas to produce.

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7. Make relief

As previously explained, when we can’t fart we feel uncomfortable, even pain in the stomach.

In fact, when we fart we feel very relieved. Especially when we hold on for too long or don’t fart.