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7 Benefits of Warming Up Before Sports Page all

KOMPAS.com – Warming up before sports is a must for everyone from amateurs to professional athletes.

Reporting from NHS, warming up before exercise is important to prepare joints and muscles to move optimally.

The type of stretching and the warm-up portion before exercise can vary, depending on the physical activity.

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Warming up for too long can exhaust the muscles and flexibility of a core workout.

Likewise, if you warm up too little before exercise.

As a result, the body can be injured because the muscles are still tense and not ready for physical exercise.

Here are what are the benefits of warming up before exercise so you don’t want to miss it:

1. Adds flexibility

Launch HealthlineOne of the benefits of warming up before exercise is to increase flexibility or flexibility.

Not only for exercise, flexibility is very important for overall health.

A flexible body can facilitate daily physical activity, while delaying the decline in the ability to move due to aging.

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2. Increase the range of motion

The benefit of warming up before other sports is to prepare the joints to move more freely.

Types of warming up before exercise that can support range of motion are static and dynamic warm-up.

Static warm-up involves stretching your muscles and holding them in one position.

Meanwhile, dynamic warm-up is done by performing light repetitive movements.

3. Increase sports performance

Sports illustrationshutterstock Sports illustration

Warming up before exercise can also help your muscles and joints more readily move.

Sports in which muscles and joints are better prepared has been shown to improve physical activity performance.

This is because joints and muscles that are flexible and ready to move tend to be more energy efficient. Thus, overall sports performance will be more optimal.

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4. Increase blood flow to muscles and joints

The goal of warming up before exercise that is no less important is to improve blood circulation.

With better blood circulation, blood flow to muscles and joints will be smoother.

As a result, physical recovery time after exercise is faster and the risk of muscle pain is also smaller.

5. Improve posture

The goal of warming up before any other exercise is to prevent muscle imbalance.

If done regularly, this stretch can slowly improve posture.

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6. Reduces muscle tension

illustration of sports as a form of healthy lifestyleShutterstock illustration of sports as a form of healthy lifestyle

Reporting from American Council on Exercise, muscles that are stretched during warm-up can relax more.

By relaxing your muscles, you can prevent tension and stiffness from causing injury.

In addition, muscle tension needs to be avoided so that the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles is maintained.

7. Prevent lower back pain

Warming up before exercise also has the benefit of increasing flexibility in the hamstrings, hips, and around the pelvic muscles.

All three have an important role in reducing the stress load on the lumbar spine.

The end result, the risk of low back pain after exercise can be prevented.