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7 Benefits of Walking for Pregnant Women Who Are Unfortunately Missed

KOMPAS.com – While pregnant, a woman’s energy level may decrease.

Likewise, her body tends to be unable to move as freely as before pregnancy.

However, the fact that this low energy level and an enlarged stomach should not make pregnant women just sit there.

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Pregnant women are still advised to do physical activity or exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for health.

Doing exercise is not only beneficial for the health of pregnant women themselves, but also the fetus they are carrying.

So, what exercise is good for pregnant women to do?

Summarize Books Healthy Solutions Around Pregnancy (2009) by dr. Hermawan Wibisono, Sp.OG and Ayu Bulan Febry Kurnia Dewi, S.KM, actually there are many types of sports that pregnant women can do.

However, one of the best exercises for pregnant women to do is walk or brisk walking.

The reason is, walking is a low-impact sport that pregnant women can do almost anywhere and anytime.

Pregnant women only need to wear comfortable sneakers and bring a bottle of water before starting a walk around the house, park, or around the block outside the office.

On the other hand, it is important for pregnant women to avoid sports that can lead to direct physical contact, such as football and volleyball.

That is because, this exercise can increase the risk of injury or harm to yourself or the fetus in the stomach.

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Pregnant women also need to avoid sports that involve jumping a lot, involve balance, are too draining of energy, have a high risk of falling, and involve abdominal movements for safety.

Summarize Medical News Today, walking is a great way for many pregnant women to exercise.

Here are the various benefits of walking for pregnant women who are a pity to miss:

1. Reducing the risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth

Studies show that women who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing gestational diabetes or having an unplanned caesarean section.

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Walking also helps maintain a healthy body weight and reduces cholesterol, thereby balancing blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

2. Helps burn calories so that body weight remains under control

Less weight during pregnancy means that pregnant women are less likely to give birth prematurely and the more likely they are to return to their pre-pregnancy weight sooner.

3. Improve mood and energy levels

One study found significant improvements in the mood and fatigue levels of pregnant women who walked about 30 minutes four times a week.

4. Relieves back pain and other aches

Back pain during pregnancy is common and can often interfere with daily activities and sleep.

Walking can help your back muscles stay strong and warm, so that it can support a pregnant woman’s growing belly and not stiffen.

5. Helps sleep better

Walking can help pregnant women sleep better by burning excess energy.

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This effect makes pregnant women feel more tired and can fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

6. Relieves constipation which is a common symptom during pregnancy

Exercise can help move food through the digestive tract more quickly, so that less water is absorbed in the colon, making stools softer and easier to pass.

7. Make or keep muscles strong, making labor and recovery easier

The benefit of walking for pregnant women in the future is to increase the chance of normal delivery.

Diligent walking during pregnancy increases flexibility and tones the hip muscles.

This can help with a faster, easier, and pain-free delivery. Walking in the morning is useful for normal delivery.

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Tips for safe walking exercise for pregnant women

If pregnant women have been active before, staying active during pregnancy shouldn’t be a difficult matter.

If not, then pregnant women should start slowly both in terms of movement and duration.

It would be better, pregnant women can consult their obstetrician before starting any type of routine exercise during pregnancy.

However, some general tips that can be understood by pregnant women when doing walking sports, include:

Bring a bottle of water and drink frequently to avoid various dehydration for pregnant women.

If the weather is hot, it may be better to exercise indoors to reduce the risk of dehydration.

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Never overdo sports.

Exercise is important, but during pregnancy especially, it’s not the right time to push yourself.

If you feel tired, take a break.

You can divide the exercise into two sessions if necessary.

With an enlarged stomach and a feeling of gravity shifting, it’s important to make sure you look forward.

You don’t want to trip or fall which could cause an accident to yourself or the fetus.

  • Stop walking if you feel dizzy, experience vaginal bleeding, or have trouble breathing

Call your doctor right away if you experience any of these symptoms.

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