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7 Benefits of Vitamin C for the Body

KOMPAS.com – Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is the safest and most effective nutrient for maintaining health.

Unfortunately, the human body cannot store this water soluble vitamin. So, everyone needs to meet the needs of vitamin C every day.

Launch NHS, adults ages 19 to 64 need 40 milligrams of vitamin C each day.

The need for vitamin C can be met by eating a balanced diet and eating foods that contain vitamin C.

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Foods containing vitamin C are mostly found in fruits and vegetables.

Some sources of vitamin C include oranges, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, and potatoes.

Experts recommend that everyone eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, their vitamin and mineral needs are met.

Taking vitamin C supplements needs to get a doctor’s supervision. The reason is, drinking vitamin C more than 1,000 milligrams per day can increase the risk of stomach pain to diarrhea.

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The most important thing, without the support of vitamin C, the body’s performance can be impaired. Here are some of the benefits of vitamin C for the body:

1. Prevent oxidative stress

Launch Web MD, deficiency of vitamin C can cause various diseases related to oxidative stress due to high levels of free radicals.

Inevitably, obese people, smokers, and alcohol drinkers who usually have high levels of oxidative stress are advised to drink vitamin C.

Oxidative stress can affect overall health. Therefore, everyone needs to drink vitamin C every day.

2. Help overcome the flu

Other benefits of vitamin C for the body are helping to overcome the flu.

Although vitamin C is not a drug, research shows that taking vitamin C can prevent serious complications.

There is evidence taking vitamin C during colds and flu can reduce the risk of complications such as pneumonia and lung infections.

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3. Prevent stroke

Stroke illustrationShutterstock Stroke illustration

Study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said, people with high levels of vitamin C in their blood have a lower risk of stroke.

According to experts, high levels of vitamin C in the blood are related to the habit of eating vegetables and fruits.

These good habits not only prevent stroke, but can also optimize the adequacy of fiber, vitamins and other minerals that are good for health.

4. Slows down skin aging

Another unfortunate missed benefit of vitamin C is that it slows down skin aging.

The antioxidant content in vitamin C can affect cells inside and outside the body.

Research has shown that consumption of vitamin C is proven to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and dry skin, so that the appearance is more vibrant.

In addition, treatment with vitamin C-based products has also been shown to reduce wrinkles, the prickly reason of skin aging.

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5. Maintain eye health

Eye illustrationshutterstock Eye illustration

Launch Verywell Health, the benefits of vitamin C for the body also help maintain eye health.

There are several studies that prove vitamin C deficiency can cause macular degeneration or decreased quality of vision due to aging.

In addition, regularly meeting the needs of vitamin C can also prevent several types of cataracts.

6. Controlling blood pressure

The benefits of vitamin C for other bodies are controlling blood pressure in people with hypertension.

According to a study from Johns Hopkins University, regularly consuming 500 milligrams of vitamin C per day can lower systolic blood pressure.

According to experts, vitamin C in high doses provides a diuretic effect, which pushes excess fluid from the body.

It also helps lower blood pressure naturally.

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7. Accelerate wound healing and infection

Illustration of corona virus infection.  Use a mask when symptoms of Covid-19 appear.Shutterstock Illustration of corona virus infection. Use a mask when symptoms of Covid-19 appear.

Reporting from Medical News Today, the benefits of vitamin C for the body can accelerate wound healing.

Vitamin C can accelerate wound healing because of its contribution to collagen production.

Collagen is the building block for muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, cornea, bones, intestines and blood vessels.

In addition, the antioxidant content in vitamin C is also effective in helping the body fight infection.