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7 benefits of having sex in the morning which is a pity to miss page all

KOMPAS.com – Some people think, having sex is best done at night before the break.

In fact, one of the best times to make love is in the morning.

The reason behind choosing the best time to have sex cannot be separated from the hormonal condition.

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Reporting from The Healthy, hormone expert and pioneer FLOliving.com, Alisa Vitti said, morning sex or having sex in the morning is ideal because sex hormone levels are highest at the beginning of the day.

As is known, the male sex hormone or testosterone is produced when men sleep at night.

In addition, the female sex hormone or estrogen also reaches its peak in the morning.

With optimal sex hormones, a person can provide the best sexual response for their partner.

Having sex in the morning is not only optimal. However, this activity also has a number of positive effects on the body.

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Launch Healthline, here are the benefits of having sex in the morning which is a pity to miss:

1. Better quality sex

Morning sex can be of higher quality than sex at other times due to the influence of sex hormones.

Research in 2013 showed that libido or sex desire is strongly influenced by sex hormone levels.

The higher levels of sex hormones, sexual desire and sexual functions such as erectile capacity also increases.

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2. Strengthen bonds with partners

Illustrationpexels Illustration

Having sex in the morning can also make your relationship with your partner more intimate.

The reason is, sex triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which controls feelings of love and bonding.

When this hormone is released during sex, you become more connected to your partner after sex.

3. Relieve stress

The benefit of having sex in the morning that you don’t want to miss is stress relief.

Research in 2010 showed that engaging in fun activities like sex can reduce stress hormone levels.

That way, having an orgasm before carrying out activities throughout the day can make you tension-free and more excited for activities.

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4. Improve mood

Have sex in the morning or morning sex can also release endorphins.

This chemical from the brain can be a natural pain reliever and help improve mood.

Don’t be surprised, if after reaching the climax your mood gets better and you smile more.

5. Help burn calories

Making love illustrationshutterstock Making love illustration

Physical activity like having sex in the morning can also burn calories.

Although the calories burned are not the same as running for half an hour, this activity can burn about five calories per minute.

This means that one session of sex can burn at least 75 calories, or like walking exercise.

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6. Maintain brain health

The benefits of having sex in the morning can also maintain brain health.

Various studies have shown that sex can release a mixture of neurotransmitters and hormones, especially dopamine.

Dopamine is a hormone that can induce feelings of pleasure and is beneficial for maintaining brain health and cognitive function.

7. Make youthful

Making love in the morning can also be a remedy for youth. Some experts argue, sex can release the hormone oxytocin, beta endorphins, and anti-inflammatory molecules.

Other research also shows, having sex more than three times a week can make couples a few years younger than couples who rarely make love.

Couples who are not used to doing morning sex maybe at first it will be awkward because you are worried that your activities throughout the day might be interrupted

But, don’t worry. How to have sex in the morning to minimize distraction can be done by getting up early.

No need to worry about getting tired. Couples can choose a sex position that is not too draining, but still can provide maximum satisfaction.