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7 Amazing Benefits of Jasmine Flowers for Beauty

5. Treating acne

Jasmine flowers have medicinal benefits for treating acne. You just have to process it into a face mask.

How to make a face mask with jasmine flowers is quite easy, namely by cleaning the jasmine flowers, then grind them finely. After that, apply jasmine flowers to the face with acne. After 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Do this regularly to get maximum results.

6. Smooths the skin

Nowadays, there are many beauty skin care using jasmine flowers. Jasmine flowers can smooth the skin of the body.

You just need to process it into scrubs. You only need to puree the jasmine flowers and mix with olive oil.

After that, it is applied to the body and rubbed to remove dead skin cells. Do it twice a week for maximum results.

7. Keeps the scalp moist

Jasmine extract keeps moisture on your scalp. Apart from that, jasmine extract can also keep the scalp hydrated while preventing hair loss and dandruff.

Source: Womenshealth, Stylecraze

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