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6 benefits of yellow leaves for health, can treat toothache

6 benefits of yellow leaves for health, can treat toothacheyellow flower. shopee.co.id

Merdeka.com – Yellow is one type of plant that may still sound foreign to many people. Plants that have other names Murraya paniculata this, has a fragrant and refreshing aroma. Not only that, it turns out that this plant also contains various health benefits.

In general, yellow is a type of plant that is commonly used to decorate homes. In addition, for some people, this plant originating from India is also often used as herbal medicine. The reason is, yellow contains tannins, geraniol, Careen-3, bisabolene, paniculatine, and cadin which are believed to be able to keep me immune and prevent various diseases.

The many benefits contained in yellow leaves, make this plant often used to treat various diseases. Here are some of the benefits of yellow leaves for health Health Benefit:

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